“You guys can do it all!”

“I honestly don’t know where to begin. Well, lets start with “Fly Me to the Moon,” because that is how high on happiness we were from the beginning of our daughter’s reception to the very end. Life of the Party WAS the life of our party this past Saturday evening. From the Bride and Groom’s first dance to “Our Love Is Here to Stay,” with what appeared to be sung by Louis Armstrong himself….to Donna Summer’s Last Dance (for the last dance.) every man, woman and child danced for three hours straight which is exactly what we wanted……..I have never heard so many inquiries in one place in my life…everyone wanted to know all about you. Every song from every genre was played to perfection! Every musician in the band was completely engaged with our guests. Not only were they the best group of collective talent I have seen in a band in a long time, they were also the most congenial group. Thanks for listening to our every request and delivering it to perfection. You guys can do it all!

Becky M. - Mother of the Bride - 8/5/13

This Band Rocked Our Wedding!

FABULOUS BAND! It was a great evening – everyone loved the band! My husband was very impressed with their professionalism and desire to please and accommodate. Definitely lived up to their name of “Life of the Party”. Thanks for making such a special night for my daughter the best that it could be. We did not want the night to end!!

Julie N.- Mother of the Bride - 9/24/13